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I am a psychic intuitive, empath, experienced energy worker/healer and tarot reader. I am also an ordained Shamanic Minister and upon my ordination, through ceremony, I emerged as a High Priestess.


As in some of my past lifetimes, my soul's purpose in this lifetime is to be of Divine service.  I have experienced many heartbreaks as well as ecstatic triumphs in this incarnation.  These lessons that were and still are being gifted to me enable me to help you. 


Being a Shamanic Minister, I am extensively trained to assist you in this life's journey as you go through the many cycles of death and rebirth.  I will help you to understand that all of your life experiences, whether you view them as positive or negative, are a gift.  I am here to help you see your attributes and accomplishments as well as to shed light on the shadow parts of your life; helping you to understand that the intense challenges you may face from time to time, are indeed lessons that your soul has asked to experience for its growth before coming to this beautiful and often challenging planet called Earth.


As a High Priestess, the spiritual promise that I made is to feel, acknowledge, respect and embrace all beings seen or unseen, moving or still, voice or no voice as sacred gifts from the Divine.


My spirit guides and I wish you many blessings and look forward to working with you.


Amethyst Moon

Kathrine Psychic




Psychic Tarot

In your reading, I use the Major Arcana cards of the deck. These cards represent your journey.  No matter who we are, when we embark upon a new adventure or new life lesson, we all start off as a new initiate, someone who is following their bliss and dreams, the Fool.  As our journey progresses, lessons are learned and we mature in our outlook and reactions.  Our journey ends with the World card.  This card represents a successful completion, wholeness, joy and victory.  We have learned the lesson(s) that our soul needed for growth.  

The Tarot cards work as a lens for me to see what energies, lessons and people are influencing your life and creating the circumstances of your inquiry.  With that tool, I am able to get psychic downloads to help direct you on your path to wholeness.


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